Devido à enorme quantidade de atletas nas corridas, é muito difícil garantir que você será fotografado. No entanto, existem algumas recomendações que irão aumentar significativamente as suas chances:

During the race, try to leave a space in relation to the athlete in front of you (at least 3 meters). Many photos are missed because the front athlete masks the one behind;

Try to run close to the sides and not in the center of the track. Usually the photographer is positioned on one of the sides, so it will be easier for him to see you.

When you see the photographer smile and, if possible, signal that you want a photo. Our photographers are always in uniform with an orange shirt (or red) written the name Fotop.

Try to leave the identification number in an easy-to-view location. Many photos are lost because the athlete is without that number or covers the number with his hands.

Celebrate the arrival by placing your hands up. Be careful not to cap your ID number the moment you look at your watch.

Have a photo of you before and after the race. Look for our photographers during warm-up before the race and at the end requesting that your photos be taken.

Save your ID number after the race to find your photo on Fotop faster. Number searching is usually faster and more accurate than the name search.

Disclose these tips to your friends and teammates who are also interested in test photos.
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