The subject of "NO PRINT" has been much discussed among our photographers.

We still have many athletes who have the bad habit of taking prints of the photos on the platform screen to post on social networks without buying the photos.

However, it is impossible to control these actions, because they can do so by taking a picture of the screen with the cell phone.

Some measures are taken to inhibit the print in the photos, we disable the printscreen key in the pages of Fotop where the photos are displayed, the right click of the mouse on the photos, the option to save photo in the Iphone and Android and we delete the photos when the window is in the background to avoid indirect print on the desktop.

We seek to protect the integrity of the watermarked image to inhibit people from using the photo by taking the print out of the screen. But if the brand is too heavy it will also hurt who is really wanting to buy the photo.

Fotop does not have the legitimacy to denounce this type of attitude, because the copyright of the image, protected by Law 9.610 / 98, is exclusively of the photographers, who can denounce

 Print from the print | Source @printadao

We know it is a controversial subject and we stand together to resolve these issues as quietly as possible.

We have already had cases where the photographer talked to who posted the print of his photo and the participant excluded the publication and then made the purchase of the photo, as well as cases that the photographer contacted and the person did not give importance, not bought or even deleted the publication of the photo.

If you feel injured and want to report, you have the right to report on the social networks where the photo was published, but we always believe that the best way to act is by talking.
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