To let you know if the event is worth attending, just go to the event's own website. There, in general, all information is made available, but if you still want more information, just search Google for the event name and see if there have been previous steps through the results that appear. There you can also get a sense of the repercussion of the event from news, comments, blog posts, in short, everything will depend on your own research initiative.

But make no mistake, there are many events that have never happened before and are of great expectation with the public.

After you have marked your calendar, write down the main reminders:

Address of proof;
Departure time;
Place you will stay (Street, Avenue and etc)

Check the event's website on the course of the event, define the waypoint you are going to position yourself, mark the address of this point on your mobile phone or anywhere else that reminds you and already think about how you will get to that point location and which transport you will use.

The vast majority of events usually start early and the temperature can vary during the race, you can check the weather before the race in some applications like the Clima Tempo

This is a very important preparation stage so you can start planning and arriving in advance.

The ideal is to arrive at the point of the route at least 30 minutes before the start. This way you will be able to find the best place to position yourself and adjust the equipment to start shooting the incoming athletes.

That done, now is the time to prepare your photography equipment.

For this we have made a checklist that you can print and consult it whenever you need it.



•Charged battery;
•Memory card;
•Comfortable tennis;


•Battery backup;
•Trousers or shorts;
•Bottle of water;
•Memory card;
•Folding stool;
•Cap or Hat;
•Rain cover for camera;
•T-shirt, vest or FOTOP

You can order the shirt or vest from Fotop through the link below:
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