Frequently the lack of events has been discussed among the photographers partners, which end up hurting not only the owner of the event that has closed the partnership, like other photographers who would like and stopped participating in the event because there are no available places.

It is very important that on the day of the event all the photographers confirmed appear, but it may happen that some photographers are missing the day, which has led many event owners to open a high number of vacancies to fill the faults that may occur.

Ideally, if the photographer is unable to attend the event, notify the owner and leave as far in advance as possible. With the vacancy open, the owner can contact other photographers who want to participate, so that the event does not leave with embezzlement.

A relevant tip for the owner of the event is to contact the photographers in advance to confirm their participation, which can be done by sending messages to all participants of the event available on the dashboard.

Eventually, if the events that have partnerships are not activated by the absence of photographers, one can lose credibility with the organizer and consequently lose other partnerships, which is harmful, due to the importance that the partnership adds in the sales of the photos.

It is not only the responsibility of the owner of the event to assure the organizer the presence of photographers. It is also the responsibility of the photographers that by clicking on PARTICIPATE, are aware and in accordance with the information and rules to register the event.
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