« Uma boa foto é uma foto vendida!» (Chaco)

Well, each type of event has its characteristics, try to study the events before and define a strategy for each event.

Basic Tips for Sporting Events:

– Look for a good place for your photos, always check the route of the event to make the best choice.

– Worry about the background, it needs to be clean to help in the composition of the photo.

– Even knowing the route, it is always important to arrive a few minutes before the start, on average 30 minutes.

– Arriving earlier also guarantees the best location, after all we have competitors.

– Avoid getting near the water stations where the athletes crowd.

– Advertise with the support materials (flyers) that the photos will be available for sale to the participants and always use the Fotop shirt or waistcoat. 

Post Event:

– Improve your photos. It can be with an action in Photoshop. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqk9ulWMWtI) tutorial.

Before/ After | Foto: Gustavo Epifanio

– Publish as soon as possible. The sooner you upload the photo, the more chances you will have to sell it.

– Send an e-mail to the participants, if you have a list of them. Depending on the agreement with the event, the organizer can make this listing available to you.
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